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Prelude, or Man on the Street by A. N. Gretly

​Here you have it. Well, that is if you’re still keen on knowing the particulars of a typical night on these sordid streets. I wonder if you can see it now, how things change through time. We sit together in … Continue reading

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‘A Sleepless Dream’ by Ahmed Nader Gretly

In a sleepless dream, I wandered through the abyss of my mind. The traffic clustered streets spread like an epidemic For miles and miles in every direction. I wished I was dead. I wished I was dead.   The cars … Continue reading

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‘I Saw Her Last Night’ by Ahmed Nader Gretly

For RG I saw her last night At that moment where One is not sure whether One is wide awake or In deep slumber. The ‘In-Between’, where Fact and fiction intermix Into  vivid waves of Emotions. I saw her last … Continue reading

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