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Prelude, or Man on the Street by A. N. Gretly

​Here you have it. Well, that is if you’re still keen on knowing the particulars of a typical night on these sordid streets. I wonder if you can see it now, how things change through time. We sit together in … Continue reading

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The Hounds of Blair Street by A. N. Gretly

Mist rolls down the street on black-fanged high heels, all click-clacking footsteps and kerosene eyes with the sound of sozzled giggles bouncing off the ancient bricks in eternal vibrations that ripple through the smoke and hover about like wretched ghosts … Continue reading

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Traveler by A. N. Gretly

Dry lips, sun licked face, wandering alien lands. Frying pan hot sand finds its way inside your worn boots as you stagger across the never ending land that spreads in every which way without a single sign of life or … Continue reading

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These Hallways by A. N. Gretly

Staggering these hallways once more, walls plastered in madness, I wonder. Older memories have darkened the walls with filthy footprints of those who have lost themselves long ago, but found something to clench on to in their own wicked minds, … Continue reading

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In A Darkened Room by A. N. Gretly

Click. A single bulb buzzed to life, shining a tender red hue, with the intensity of an eternal late afternoon sun. The light did not chase the shadows away, no, no; this crimson dusk strengthened them, it intensified them to … Continue reading

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Kaleidoscope Dreams by A. N. Gretly

Kaleidoscope dreams, kerosene eyes staring into space, something snaps. You scratch your stinking crotch that doesn’t itch, because there is some sort of sick sick comfort in that. Lawn chair in a bare yard, naked wind drunk trees standing with … Continue reading

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Tweeprose: ‘Bite the Bullet’ by A. N. Gretly (For @deghaidiness)

  Bullet in the head.   A middle aged man staggered through the streets of the city that wouldn’t sleep. The moon lurked behind a few layers of thick, dark clouds, watching, judging. It was Creekwell, the city of the damned, … Continue reading

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