‘Meeting Mr. B. B. Malvern:C.A.M. Experiment’ by Ahmed Nader Gretly

It was Blue. My mind was booming, millions of chaotic images bombarding in there. Bolts of lightning ran under my skin all over my body, it felt as if I was shrinking. Mary was there, she was right next to me, holding my hand as she suffered from the same symptoms which felt like junk sickness, but not really so. We couldn’t speak, eat, drink, or move out of bed. The Doctor kept saying that this was all quite natural, and that the Blue was just making its way to every cell in our bodies. As I lay there witnessing the strangest of visions, I couldn’t help but think of the reason I agreed to take the Blue. The idea of having an infinite high appealed to me, not only that, but the fact that I’d never have to score junk again was the icing on the cake. For the first three or four days, it was madness, but then the lightning eased, and the images settled. I thought everything was back to normal, that the last sample of Blue was a dud, but then I began to notice the differences. There was this vividness that took over my senses. First my sight, followed by my hearing, then everything else. I could feel the universe around me breathing, vibrating, and moving slowly and aimlessly towards nothingness. Mary spoke of these sensations too; she described to me how the colors of everything around her changed in tones. She said that she felt the colors, not metaphorically speaking, but truly felt the colors in her heart, in her soul. After we’ve achieved this phase, The Doctor sat us down and talked to us.

“You have reached the final stage,” he said “The Blue has established itself in your systems, and it is never getting out.”

“It feels amazing, Doctor,” Mary said with a smile on her angelic face “It feels like a dream.”

“A high without the sickness,” I said “Although the first few days were a bit bumpy.”

“What did you expect, Mr. Gretly?” The Doctor asked, not really waiting for an answer “Now, we have important matters to take care of.”

“Such as?” I asked

“All in good time, Mr. Gretly,” he said “There is someone I would like you to meet; he is currently waiting for you downstairs.”

Abruptly, he got up, and walked to the door. Mary and I exchanged looks.

“Callisto,” she said “His face is─”

“Yes!” I exclaimed “Don’t get me started.”

We got off our bottoms, and followed The Doctor downstairs.


The ground floor of The Doctor’s wooden lodge was not divided into sections, but formed a large hall. Kitchen, living room, meeting room, and even a dining room were on this floor, except for a bathroom, which was upstairs with the bedrooms. A timeworn looking fireplace stood in the living room, the flame inside of it was ablaze, radiating the whole floor with flickering light. In front of the fireplace stood a silhouette of a man, big and mean looking. The man had a vicious, sturdy mien. Slightly more than seven feet tall, the man wore a dark green over-coat tied with a belt at the waist. He had huge hands with thick fingers; a lit cigarette was wedged between the middle and index fingers of his left hand. He lifted his hand to his mouth and took a long drag, forced the smoke into his lungs, then blew a cloud of whitish smoke in our direction as we stood in front of him. Mary gripped my hand; I could feel her pulse, her blood moving faster under her skin. The Doctor walked to the bulky man, and put his hand on his shoulder with a grin on his goatish face. The light from the fireplace shone suddenly on the man’s face, just for a mere second, and I caught a glimpse of the wrinkles on his mask-like face. Mary’s grip tightened and I felt her nervousness transferring into me, because I felt beads of perspiration forming over my eyebrows. I didn’t know why I was so nervous, I definitely wasn’t afraid of the man, or the way he looked, but something about him made me uneasy.

“What is wrong, Mr. Gretly?” The Doctor said “You do not look good.”

“Nothing,” I cleared my throat “Nothing at all.”

“Well then.” The Doctor replied “I would like you to meet a dear old friend of mine, this is B. B. Malvern.”

“Yes, good to meet you, Mr. Malvern.” I said reaching for a handshake.

The man named B. B. Malvern grabbed my right hand with his giant bear claw, not taking his eyes off of mine. A few seconds passed, and Malvern didn’t let go of my hand; I began to feel awkward. I saw something in his eyes, something that wasn’t vicious or sinister or abysmal in any way. On the contrary, he gave me a warm look, which did not suit his frightful exterior. He did not utter a single word.

“Oh, sorry, Mr. Gretly,” The Doctor finally said “I forgot to mention that Mr. B. B. Malvern is also known as Butch The Butcher.”

The name did not only ring a bell, it lit a dynamite stick and left it to explode inside my head. I could not comprehend the fact that I was staring at the man who delivered me into this world. I could not believe that I was shaking the hand that held me when I was an infant, only a few seconds old. Butch looked at me, and a smile began to form on his old face.

“Howdy, Callisto,” he said with his rough voice “It’s been a while, a long, long while.”

I couldn’t answer; I stared at the man, my mouth partially open. Mary put her hand upon my shoulder.

“Are you okay, Callisto?” she said.

I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was worried. Mary knew the story of my birth, but I never told her the name of the man who brought me into this world.

“I’m fine and dandy,” I said “Mary, this is Butch The Butcher, the man who grabbed my head and pulled me out of my mother all these years ago.”

Mary looked at the man with a simple smile on her face, and gleeful eyes.

“It’s an honor to meet you, sir.” She said.

“Likewise.” Butch replied, releasing my hand from his mighty grip.

“Now, now,” The Doctor said “We have got work to do.”

“Let’s get to it then.” Butch said taking his eyes off of me and onto The Doctor.

I held Mary’s hand, and we all went to the large elliptical table in the middle of the section that was supposedly The Doctor’s meeting room. I couldn’t get over the feeling I had when I found out that the giant old man in the room was Butch The Butcher, all these years, and there he was. The idea baffled me, but there was a thought at the back of my mind, one I chose to disregard for the time being.


About Ahmed Gretly

Ahmed Nader Gretly. Construction/Site Engineer, fiction writer, poet, psychopath, researcher, a book addict, and a daydreamer from Cairo, Egypt. Currently doing Construction Project Management, MSc, at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.
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