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‘Children Of The Universe’ by Mai Mostafa & Ahmed Nader Gretly

A young woman crouched on the ground, her arms around her knees, with sand between her toes. She gazed into that distant point where the sky, a pitch black veil with millions of scattered diamonds shimmering all around, met the … Continue reading

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‘A Sleepless Dream’ by Ahmed Nader Gretly

In a sleepless dream, I wandered through the abyss of my mind. The traffic clustered streets spread like an epidemic For miles and miles in every direction. I wished I was dead. I wished I was dead.   The cars … Continue reading

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‘The World We Live In: Part II’ by Ahmed Nader Gretly

Lily Adams stood naked in front of the mirror the hung in her bathroom, contemplating her scrawny body. She wrapped a tape measure around her waist, and whispered “Not thin enough.” with a long weary sigh. Omar Mostafa lay in … Continue reading

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