‘The White Rose’ by Ahmed Nader

Once upon a time, on a day just like any other day. With the hovering clouds breaking, making way to the shining sun. Its rays falling across the land, carrying warmth and hope of a better day. A rose awoke from its beauty sleep, stretching its leaves and petals turning its face to the shining sun, with the morning dew tickling her soft skin. She was ready, she had a feeling that today’s going to be her day. She thought about all the other roses, the ones that fulfilled their destiny; the ones that ended up in a bridal bouquet or in an elegant vase. The other roses awoke, murmuring silently, waiting for their keeper to arrive. They did not wait for long, the gardener appeared, with his hat and the stamps of old age all over his face. He had his clippers with him, they waited in excitement. The man gently touched his roses, patting them as if they were his children, with love radiating from his finger tips. He came close to the young rose that’s been waiting the longest, and softly snipped her stem. It didn’t hurt, she thought it would but it didn’t.  She smiled as he carried her inside his shop, wrapping her in beautiful paper and handing her to an eager man. The man took her away as she said good-bye to her keeper and to the shop.

An eternity later, the lover picked her up from his car-seat and carried her up the stairs of an apartment building. He knocked on the door, shuffling his footsteps, he waited anxiously. A woman opened the door, still sleepy; she looked at him for a moment then a smile grew on her face. She said something, he replied and handed her the white rose, then they hugged. The woman touched the rose’s petals and took her inside the apartment, the man followed. She filled a vase with water, and put the rose in it. The rose felt refreshed, whimsical to have fulfilled its calling of sharing its beauty.

The rose stood there with a strong stem, watching the couple day after day, but for some reason, the love that filled the air when she first came here began to vanish. The fights, the yelling and cursing, every fight took a part of her. The rose began to lose its glee, its glimmer, its stem weakened and its petals lost their softness. Until the night when the yelling reached it’s maximum, the man pushed the woman, the woman cried. The man mocked the woman for getting fat, and the woman cursed at him. His temper grew, her emotions filled the air. She pushed him, he didn’t like that. He reached for the vase and struck the woman on the head. The vase shattered, the woman dropped to the ground, and the white rose fell. Laying next to the woman, the rose faded away, its white petals not so much white, now tainted with crimson. Laying next to the rose, the woman faded away, her smile that grew all these weeks ago now replaced with a frown, the blood flowed from the wound in her head, tears kept rolling down her face. They both died, their sprits in the air, rose and woman staring at each other. I wish I could’ve made you happier the rose thought as she wafted back to the garden of Eden.


About Ahmed Gretly

Ahmed Nader Gretly. Construction/Site Engineer, fiction writer, poet, psychopath, researcher, a book addict, and a daydreamer from Cairo, Egypt. Currently doing Construction Project Management, MSc, at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.
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