Stoners Paradise

(I wrote this sometime early in 2010)
 Two guys chilling in a car parked in a dark alley, one of them is smoking a joint and the other one has an A4 sized paper folded in half with tobacco spread in the middle. A cop car slows down and stops right next to them, the two guys panicked as the cops stepped out of their vehicle. The cops searched the two guys, took the hash, fifty pounds and drove off to continue their night of “Fighting Crime”

This was not a joke; this is what’s happening all around Cairo, our Cairo. The brown evil has taken over our minds and is now part of our daily routine. It is a fact that almost every single one of us knows someone who does it, because well everyone does it. The brown madness has become an epidemic, a snake lurking into the minds of our fellow man.

You see the sad thing is that it’s not about peace, love and freedom anymore, it’s not about radicalism anymore, it’s also not about standing up for your rights and sticking it up to the government like the hippies did back in the day. These days have died a long time ago in the summer of 1969, the summer of love. Stoners these days don’t know what they want, they don’t have a curtain purpose, they just score some hash, roll it up in their Zigzags and smoke themselves stupid because apparently it’s cool, cool to be stupid.

You see a “dude” cruising around the parking lot behind your campus with Bob Marley singing his heart out on the stereo and a lit joint between his hash stained finger tips,archetypal image of an Egyptian stoner, is that cool?  Does this not sadden you? Because it sure saddens me to see my friends –and even people I do not know like this. “Hash is illegal!” are you kidding me? If hash was really illegal then teenagers and young adults wouldn’t be lost right now, that’s the word I was looking for, ‘Lost’ we are indeed lost, a lost generation. Why must we be a generation that just does not care about anything? A selfish generation that only cares about going to the gym and impressing girls. Guys talk about how fast are their cars as if this will increase their penis sizes, and talk about fooling around with girls as if it’s something to be proud off. Wake up people, wake up.

I am not here to lecture on “The Dangers of Drugs” because parents are supposed to do that and I think they do but with no use because of the eternal conflict of interest. That conflict that began since God knows when, “My parents are so closed minded.” Everyone knows that’s true but the funny thing is that our parents thought that their parents were closed minded too. So we turn to our friends and to the media for advice, and that’s where all the problems begin. But the truth is that the parents are almost always right, they are always right about the basics of life, the foundations that make up who we are. I am my own person.That’s true but you can be your own person and still listen to the advice the people who brought you in to this world are offering you, they know better, they always do.

Parking lots, narrow streets, gardens and even main roads are filled with people getting high. There is no one to stop them, no one to help them understand what they are doing to themselves. The cops do not arrest anyone, it may be hard to believe but it’s true. People are so lazy and selfish that they allow this chaos.

Parents, talk to your children, they’re over eighteen years old but they are still your children. Friends, you have to help each other to stop this madness. It’s an illness you see, we should all work together to stop this beast from taking over our lives, for the sake of your friends, for the sake of your families and for the sake of your children to come, stop the madness.

It is dirty, it is polluted, it is over populated and it can be boring at some time but its home, it’s beautiful and we all love it. We all know it, even if we say that we hate being here and we’d rather move some place better, but deep down we love it, we love our Cairo and we can help prevent it from turning in to a Stoners Paradise.


About Ahmed Gretly

Ahmed Nader Gretly. Construction/Site Engineer, fiction writer, poet, psychopath, researcher, a book addict, and a daydreamer from Cairo, Egypt. Currently doing Construction Project Management, MSc, at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.
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